FRIDAY JUNE 16th 2017  8:00 pm




Director, Moriel Ministries

SUBJECT: The Holy Kiss

James Jacob Prasch is Director of Moriel Ministries.

Jacob was born near New York City in the USA where he became a Christian while studying science in university in February of 1972, after trying to disprove the bible with science, history, and archaeology. He found so much evidence in support of the claims of Jesus and the Bible that it required more faith to reject it than to believe it.

Jacob is a Hebrew speaking evangelist to The Jews and a bible teacher elaborating on the original Judeo-Christian background and hermeneutics of The New Testament.

Jacob & Moriel are committed to the conviction that we are in The Last Days approaching the return of Christ and that contemporary events in The Middle East; the moral deterioration of society; the destruction of the environment; the globalisation of the world economy; the rise of a pseudo-democratic federal Europe and above all, the apostasy in the contemporary church, are all events of prophetic significance eschatologically.


FRIDAY JULY 14th 2017

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 Ministry Representative, The Friends of Israel, Australia


Deane became a Christian in his teenage years and has served Christ in Australia and overseas for over 50 years.  He graduated from a local Bible School in Adelaide, in his native State of South Australia in 1965, was then appointed to the faculty of a Bible School in Brisbane, later studying and graduating with Honours from the Baptist Theological College, Queensland; the University of London, and Macquarie University, Sydney.  He later earned his Doctorate in New Testament Studies & Apocalyptic Literature from Dallas Theological Seminary and was Principal of a local Bible College in Adelaide for eighteen years.  Deane is a Bible Teacher, Pastor, Writer, University Lecturer, Radio Presenter and Conference Speaker.  In these capacities he has ministered in thirty five countries around the world and presently is involved in ministries related to Israel and her people through The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry (Australia) Inc. Deane is married to Margaret (a former Registered Nurse, Bible College graduate and Mission Secretary).  Deane and Margaret live in Sydney (home to 50,000 of Australia’s 110,000 Jewish citizens) where they established a second office for FOI Australia in 2008.




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